More Channels More Sales

More Channels More Sales

The number of channels an e-commerce business sells products on is proving to be a major factor in the sales growth of the business. When online commerce started, having a single storefront paired with a great marketing strategy was enough to build a sustainable business. Today connecting with new customers and getting the sale has become harder to do and much more expensive. Consumers today are bombarded with emails, sponsored posts, and video ads from all directions resulting in their tuning out much of what they see. Added to this, the number of businesses competing for online ad placement is driving the cost up.

D2C Brands Leading the Way

Digital Native Brands – those brands that were born online – have adapted to this new normal and many are going offline and adding physical retail store channels to acquire new customers. Big brands like Glossier and Warby-Parker have opened stores and modern mattress brand Casper can be found at Target.

Multi-Channel Selling as a Marketing Strategy

Another trend from the D2C brands is multi-channel selling. These digitally-native brands started selling on their own website where they could control the customer’s shopping experience and build a relationship with them. Selling on a marketplace would mean losing control of the customer experience and the relationship which was deemed not worth the risk. This has changed and today we see D2C brands selling on Amazon along with their own websites.

There is compelling evidence that to reach the largest possible audience you need to go to where they are. Marketplaces with their wide variety of brands and goods have become the place to go to find things.

63% of product searches
start on Amazon

Wunderman Thompson Commerce

As much as small business owners would like it to be the case, not all customers will want to visit their standalone online stores to purchase. Some prefer to bundle their purchases in a single transaction so marketplace shopping is their preferred medium. Other customers who spend time on social media platforms will buy from there as they discover products and brands they love.

Small businesses should take note of this trend. Invest in developing a multi-channel selling strategy and identifying which channels are best for your brand.

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