Retail is Hard

Retail is Hard

Yep….I said it. Operating a profitable, independent retail business today is not an easy task. Store brands with more resources than our local group are closing stores almost everyday. From well-established vintage brands like Sears’ to relatively new upstarts like Charming Charlie.

Opportunity Amidst Calamity

At the same time the news is not all doom and gloom for brick & mortar retail. At it’s core a retail store is a physical place to go buy stuff and a case can be made that people will always have a desire or need to do this. The key – in our humble opinion – is understanding the drivers pushing customers into stores vs using the online channels that are just at our finger tips.

Most people still want the option to go into a store

I ran across this article today that said that half of all shoppers plan to do the bulk of their holiday shopping in a physical store. This is really good news for retailers. The caveat to that is 84% of them will be checking online to research products, check prices, reviews, inspiration and other pre-purchase insight.

What does this information mean for us here at Market901? Having a solid online store is important because you (our future customers) will be going online to figure out what you want to buy and which store to buy them from. We plan to launch both an online store and a physical location this fall.

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