What is Market 901?

Market 901 is an online marketplace featuring local brands from Midsouth artisans. Think Amazon and Etsy but for local folks only.  

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Below are a few reasons why we think Market 901 Marketplace is a great idea:
  • Give a Helping Hand. Many local artisans and small businesses rely on festivals, markets, and shows that happen from Spring thru Fall for a large part of their revenue. With so many being cancelled Market 901 can help them end the year on a positive financial note.
  • More customers are shopping online. Covid has led to a rapid increase in online shopping. In fact, online sales totals reached the levels projected for 2023 in just six months. With infection numbers rising, we project more customers will choose online instead of going into a store.
  • Customers like One-Stop-Shopping. Walmart has grown to be the largest retail chain in the world because it gives customers the convenience of shopping for a variety of things  at one place. Amazon has done the same for online shopping. Market 901 provides the same convenience for the local community.
  • More channels = More Sales. Most of the e-commerce market research firms are finding that small businesses that sell on multiple channels have more sales than those that rely on a single channel.  The idea driving this is that businesses need to go where your customers are. Not all will be on Amazon or Etsy, not all will make the effort to go into a local store, and not all will find your website. 

Is there data to support this?

Here are a few industry articles on marketplaces:

Our plan is to launch an online marketplace where out local customers can shop all of the great Midsouth independent brands that they are used to buying from at the regional markets and shows we attend.

What will the marketplace look like?

We’ve built the online store already. You can get sneak peak at it here – use code 7080 to login.

How much will it cost to sell?

  • There are 3 Seller plans:
    • Market 1 – $25 monthly seller fee to sell + 25% commission on each item sold
      Market 2 – $50 monthly seller fee + 20% commission on each item sold
      Market 3 – $100 monthly seller fee + 15% commission on each item sold
  • We’re still working with the app developer to determine if the seller or the marketplace admin will be responsible for creating product listings. If our team does it, we’ll be able to import files from Etsy, Shopify, or other store platforms or marketplaces.

How will it work?

  • Buyer shops all brands & products listed on the marketplace. Adds items from multiple sellers to their shopping cart and checks out.
  • Buyers pays for all items + all shipping charges in a single transaction.
  • Market 901 will split the order by seller and notify each seller that they have an order to ship.
  • Sellers ship all orders to buyer and pay for shipping charges.
  • Market 901 will pay sellers for all items sold each month + shipping charges paid – less any commissions and monthly seller fees.

I want IN – where do I apply to sell?

If you would be interested in selling your products on the marketplace you can apply HERE.

I have more questions

If you have questions you can contact us via email.